Declaration Statesmanship
A course in American Government for 11th or 12th grade

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Declaration Statesmanship





Would you like a curriculum that makes students thoughtful about American government while instilling pride in their heritage?

Would you like a curriculum that introduces students to the great men whose ideas and deeds formed our society?

A government curriculum that excites, informs and exercises students and teachers alike?

If you answered, “Yes,” to these questions, then Declaration Statesmanship is the curriculum for you.

Declaration Statesmanship CoverDeclaration Statesmanship grounds students in the fundamental principles of American government that have made America the most successful democracy in history. Based on an original text authored by two faculty members from the leading Catholic Great Books school in the country, Thomas Aquinas College in California, the course leads students to see how the Constitution is a practical embodiment of the American creed as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. The course shows how the great statesmen in American history have found light in those same principles to guide our nation through times of crises.

Declaration Statesmanship ReadingsThe textbook is complemented by Declaration Statesmanship: Guided Readings in Primary Sources for the Study of American Government. Guided Readings include the complete texts of the Articles of Confederation and Constitution, selections from relevant Federalist Papers and Tocqueville's Democracy in America, along with speeches by Abraham Lincoln, Calvin Coolidge, Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens, and others. Review questions help students to identify key points in these texts.

Teacher's Manual Cover

The Teacher's Manual includes detailed lesson plans, answers to review questions, paper topics, quizzes and tests.