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Declaration Statesmanship





I quite honestly have never seen anything like this.   

What makes this book exceptional in the world of high school history publishing are the suggestions for further reading, questions for reflection and possible extra study or writing assignments given in each chapter, sometimes several times in a chapter. ALL of these suggestions are at higher levels of thinking which require the student to reflect, analyze, compare, critique and draw conclusions. This is truly a text to challenge and refine thinking skills while studying an essential topic in today's world.

Margot Davidson, Love2Learn.net

Ferrier and Seeley have written a book that should, by all rights, play a significant part in the education of our youth. They explain the Declaration, its sources and its unfolding in the life of our nation, in a way that high school students can understand. Their book has the accessibility of a textbook without the banality of most textbooks. Every high school student should read it; and every citizen should be thankful for it.

Dr. Leon Holmes, Federal District Judge, Arkansas

Thank you again for a wonderful year. I loved that class, the book, the way it formed and changed my view of being an American. I have learned so much, but I feel like my education has only begun. Thank you for your time and work.

Rebecca T, Homeschooled Student

I liked the Declaration Statesmanship text. My Mom enjoyed reading some of the chapters, and after I had finished the exam, I lent it to one of my uncles. He had read the first three chapters while visiting here, and couldn't wait to finish the rest. He said that if he had had such a history book while he was in school, he would have found history enjoyable instead of just a long list of facts and dates.

Kalynn, Homeschooled Student